The Next Level

Of course you all know that I created a protocol for Bill, my husband, to heal his body of throat cancer. As I continue to research ways to return his body to health I always come back to Dr. Morse and his methods of healing. I’ll always be a student and love my books. I […]

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Is It?

I often wonder when something triggers deep emotions of sadness, frustration and wonder at what, why and how people can say things that are so judgmental and not expect to be told the truth! As if they, and others, haven’t changed over time and done their own greedy, selfish, good/bad things. Why do people point […]

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Victory over Cancer

VICTORY OVER DISEASE IS POSSIBLE NOW! Lecture delivered May 15, 1981 at the Fifth Health/Nutrition Victory Conference in Arlington, VA, by Arlin J. Brown, Director, The Arlin J. Brown Information Center, Inc., P.O. Box 251, Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060. Welcome to the Fifth Health & Nutrition Victory Conference. Since 1963, The Arlin J. Brown Information […]

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I Wonder

What the world would be like if all the things I’ve read would come true. I’ve read we will be living in paradise but we will not go anywhere, we will stay right where we are in perfect harmony with the rest of the universe. When we connect, ground ourselves into the earth.  We interact […]

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Where do I begin?

The characters are many people brought together by my mind to portray a person who affected my life in so many ways.  I was molded in a strange way to accept the dysfunction of relationships and how marriage worked. There’s Bubba, the angry, pitiful drunk who celebrates until he becomes obnoxious right before he passes […]

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