Where do I begin?

The characters are many people brought together by my mind to portray a person who affected my life in so many ways.  I was molded in a strange way to accept the dysfunction of relationships and how marriage worked.

There’s Bubba, the angry, pitiful drunk who celebrates until he becomes obnoxious right before he passes out.  Yes, there are slurring words as well.  WE are the ones who allowed this to happen, we didn’t know what was going on, everyone was so confused.  Alcoholism was just then being discussed as a disease NOT a choice.  We learned, so late, that the compulsion is ingrained and possibly inherent to our families.  

I hung out with them, there was weasel who was afraid to make out in case I became preggo, I was already on the pill so it didn’t matter except I was young, about 10 years younger and weasel should have said no instead of acting like a weasel.  I learned and lost a lot because of my actions.  I would sabotage my own life and then decided to end it.  When that didn’t work I stopped the nonsense and became more “sensible”.  *makes me smile*

Bubba got wind of my one timer with weasel and called me a shitload of names and slapped my face.  It hurt and it was then I realized bubba had no respect for women, absolutely none.

Bubba was a big part of my life but I let him go when I realized he just brought drama and judgement to my life.  Loving him as I do, I cannot participate in his crazy alcoholic life.  I’d already hung out with martini man and watched him die and I won’t repeat it with someone who doesn’t love me unconditionally and doesn’t respect me at all.  I am my own woman and I will be counted as such.  

I am an intelligent woman who does my best to make the right decisions in my mind then bring that into reality of my family and friends.  Being around me spreads my light to you, you to me and we combine to spread to the next people we come in contact with.

Bring with friends is the best way to charge your battery, fill up the love tank so you can go for many miles spreading your joy and happiness.  Happiness is…

Unconditional love and acceptance – the most magical words I just can’t get them out of my head.  I’m being consumed by this.  My intuition grows daily, I just know what to do, who to talk to, the kids are coming to me, catching up, needing comfort and a recharge.

Being in earth reality of duality is very difficult for all of us who only want to live in abundance for all.  We are told there’s shortages of food, the fields are dry and the crops are dying.  The answer is growing in greenhouses.  WE have to do it.  The victory garden has returned and we must ALL plant by using the ground in containers.  Bring your food inside, grow and nurture it in love and you will experience abundance.

the strong hold the powers that be hold in our lives has got to be severed.  WE must learn to provide for ourselves what we need which is food, water and shelter.  We do not require clothing except for keeping us warm.  There is nothing wrong with and everything beautiful about the body we are having our experience in.  Being naked is freeing as many people will not tell you because we’ve been taught that nakedness should only be experienced alone and in private.  

Why put restrictions on us?  What do we allow “them” to dictate what is “right”.  What if MY religion taught me to appear naked as much as possible without making myself cold?  Banning nakedness is just silly.  Clothing can be super uncomfortable.

Our arousal is desire to merge with other human beings.  We want to experience that connection, that serenity and joy from a sexual experience with the person you love OR the person you desire.


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