The Next Level

Of course you all know that I created a protocol for Bill, my husband, to heal his body of throat cancer. As I continue to research ways to return his body to health I always come back to Dr. Morse and his methods of healing.

I’ll always be a student and love my books. I love reading, learning and finding ways to help people but it’s all been so complicated when it came to retaining the information. Each time I’d find something I wanted to learn more in depth it wouldn’t stick and I’d return to my search for the “right” thing. I’d know it when I found it (for the 100th time) and “it” seems to be Dr. Morse’s healing methods because I keep circling back to his teachings which make so much sense.

One of the biggest difficulties is to just keep it simple and work with nature. We have to free ourselves from the detailed intellectualism that fills our minds and doesn’t allow us to shut off the world and BE. We are here to enjoy our experience of being a soul in a physical body. Healing is done in the mind, body and soul and can be no other way. When we heal one we must find the healing balance with the others or we haven’t healed at all.

I urge each one of you to watch as much of this video as you can and keep your healing simple.
Godspeed my friends.


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