What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

We’re always growing and changing be it willingly or not. If we resist we’ll be pulled kicking, screaming, fearful and resistant to the changes are inevitable in our lives. Too many times we resist the unknown and instead we fear, stress and worry yet the future still comes.

The battle will always be the battle but the way WE process and work it through our lives is all that matters. We can ONLY control ourselves and we must make a conscious decision to consider the things that cause us the most intense feelings and do what we must to work through them. If we don’t process these feelings they will continue to come up until we see, accept and let go of whatever is causing so much upheaval.

How do we go about processing our biggest fears?
Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” Scary right? Yet when we answer this question we find the worst that could happen is something we could live with even if it’s not ideal.

As we look at the big picture and what we mean in the scheme of that, we develop an appreciation for the opportunity to work in this physical world with others souls to heighten our consciousness. I want to feel grounded and able to accept and process the things I cannot change. Similarly I want to move forward with acceptance and assuredness I’m doing what I need to secure the future I desire.

This is what causes me to feel like I’ve been punched in my stomach. The future worries me. The challenges feel large and frightening. The specifics don’t really matter. How I feel, identify, process the future unknowns facing me is what truly matters.

We all have these experiences that set us off down the path of worry. How do we walk the path without feeling the heaviness of not knowing what’s to come?

Faith in ourselves, our purpose for being in this incarnation under these circumstances. We and the world are in chaos. We feel it inside and it shows upon the face of all we see right now in our world big and small. When the big picture of the world outside ourselves gets too heavy switch to the small picture of our day to day life and be here now.

There are so many sources telling us what the truth is that we’ve completely abandon our inner knowing and intuition. For a lot of us, our gut feelings have been hijacked. We’re just not sure we can trust our guts anymore so we constantly search for outside guidance to help us figure out how to feel.

We hear all the time the answers are within but how many of us can sit and meditate each day for even 10 minutes? I have never been able to do this yet this is not the only way to go within.

Did you know this writing is meditation for me? Staring out the window and daydreaming are meditation. Right before we fall asleep we are in the perfect space of mind to intentionally request what we truly desire in our lives – peace of mind, body and soul. A tall order indeed.

We are told “it takes work” to do anything worthwhile and yes that’s true in the sense anything we do requires our intent and attention in order to accomplish. There are not enough moments in a day to do it all and WE must prioritize. Taking care of us, grounding ourselves and developing a detached compassionate mind is the key to moving through life’s changes with peace in our hearts and minds.

Thank you for reading. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on facebook with questions or comments. Godspeed loved ones.


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