I Wonder

What the world would be like if all the things I’ve read would come true.

I’ve read we will be living in paradise but we will not go anywhere, we will stay right where we are in perfect harmony with the rest of the universe.

When we connect, ground ourselves into the earth.  We interact with nature searching for the spirit it brings to us.  We learn to appreciate the beauty and peace afforded us if we just take a moment to appreciate it all around us.

What is all around us?  Love

Simple as that haha.  When has love EVER been simple??  Love has been made so complicated by expectations we’ve been trained to think about.  The dream is what I call it.

The dream is that life, person you are in your future.  I think about who and what I want to BE.  Others are changing their ways of thinking too.  There is no choice.  Change or be left behind.

Love is made or broken on communication, the quality of communication between the people in the relationship.

Every time we talk to or meet someone we are beginning a relationship be it for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  We never know what fate will bring us but we can feel if it’s right for us.

I’ve had many more instances of needing to trust my intuition lately.  My promonition that someone would get hurt in the blinds string was a huge lesson.  Thankfully Minimur wasn’t hurt and now the blind strings are on top of the highest part of the blind so there will be no more accidents.

So many people have a difficult time listening instead of talking, giving their opinion and wanting so badly to be heard we don’t stop long enough to listen to those people who also want to be heard.

Somewhere along the line we’ve lost respect for people and I don’t mean in a bad way.  It used to be that age is what brought you respect whether you earned it or not.  I don’t believe that everyone is deserving of respect and they get pissed off when they prove it to us by their words and/or actions.  There’s a bitterness that I see in the generation that lived through the depression.

Those were days when age had control of the younger ones and they could be indoctrinated with the same poop they were for example, “Respect your elders.” is a great sentiment but when those elders don’t act in an honorable way such as lying or being devoid of emotion do not deserve our respect.

Back in the days before the 1980’s you were expected to respect your elders or you’d suffer physical harm such as a slap on the face.  They were bullied by their parents and grandparents which leaded to them bullying their children and so on.

WE are changing this.  WE are gathering together the good people who live in their hearts loving and giving all they can in kindness, friendship, love and acceptance.


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